Sunday, April 26, 2015


ANZAC Day may have well and truly passed, but I'm still relishing with pride being able to spend ANZAC Day with 46 other members of my family in Adelaide who watched our father, grandfather and great grandfather 'march' in the Adelaide ANZAC parade.

Since the event started, he has marched. And this is the first time I have seen him. It's been too long for me to go, and the whole event was so moving. My eldest two cousins pushed Grandad in his wheelchair, and they were so proud.

I was moved by more ways than one. Firstly because the parade when for over two and a half hours, and the soldiers kept coming. So many men and women who have fought in the wars past. So many empty banners with no-one marching behind them. So many soldiers who are fighting even today.

It seems we don't learn, and war is still very much part of the world which we live.

They fought for us, the families they didn't yet have. Today, they still fight for us.
I hope that like me, you will remember all those who fight for our freedom every day. Not just on ANZAC Day.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


At the end of March something wonderful happened; our eldest daughter decided to marry this amazing guy she knows.

The weather was perfect, the flowers divine, the vows hilarious, some tears (mostly the groom's), and plenty of laughs and smiles.

It was a day that passed far too quickly. It was over before we had a moment to absorb it all. But how we have remembered and reminisced!

Sometimes there are no words for how perfect something was. So here are the photos which captured a most wonderful day better than anything I can describe.

(Above casual snaps taken by me, below photographs taken by the amazing Jac + Heath.)

 There you have it. No words needed, right?

Sunday, February 15, 2015


On Valentine's Day do you hope for flowers, chocolate and an evening of five star food?

Me neither. Valentine's Day is just another day. I don't expect anything, and I don't give anything. But I do know that any day that I get to spend with the boys in my life is a good day.

Which means that every day is Valentine's Day!

How do you spend Valentine's Day?