Saturday, September 30, 2006

cute things about my maddy

I just can't believe my little boy is already 4 months old. Where did the time go?

He is SO adorable.

Maddy is at the age where he can manage a conversation. We talk to him and he talks back. When I read to him, he likes to finish the sentence with me.

Then he smiles when I copy his fake cough or made-up words.

Or I am his knight in shining armour when he is crying and I pick him up. His tears quickly become giggles, and he kicks his legs in excitement like he does before a feed.

He even nestles his cheek into my cheek when he wants to get extra close. And his little arm goes around my shoulder when he ‘mmms’ himself to sleep. His head rests on my shoulder and I feel his warm baby breath on my neck.

In the morning when he wakes, Maddy makes little moans to remind us he is there, and the moment he sees me, it’s just the cutest. He breaks out in smile and even a giggle when he is lifted from his cradle.

I love that he recognises me and his eyes follow me around a room. I love that he knows that I am there for him always.

So this is the feeling of loving till it hurts...

His kisses are open-mouthed and sloppy, and he likes to chew my chin in gratitude.

It just melts my heart.

We have children to love. And that’s it. Not to create “mini-me’s”; not someone to pass on the family name.

There is no other reason.