Friday, July 04, 2008

trip to adelaide

Having just returned from Adelaide got me thinking about how much fun it was.

After all I have family and friends all there (many with similar aged kids) and we all have so much fun when we get together.

It makes me wonder all those years ago why I might not have wanted to live in Adelaide again.

But I think I have actually changed my mind.

Where else can you go to a shop that sells only yoghurt; buy Spritz; shop at The Parade; and go anywhere in the city in only 20 minutes?

It's a great place. And it's been so long since I have lived there that it's now a real holiday destination. A time to rest, relax, sleep and shop (and I live in the fashion capital!).

Even Ikea isn't busy in Adelaide.

That's got to be worth something!

Above: Lovely Little Miss Kaitlyn; Madison breaks out of goal; Enjoying Pancake Sunday at step-sister Karen's place, Kate & Madison enjoying Wacky Warehouse, Enjoying uninterupted bliss thanks to Wacky Warehouse Kellie & Me