Friday, March 05, 2010

i love the night life

It's been weeks since I updated my blog.

Okay, it's been months.

And, like my sleep, I keep thinking I'm going to 'catch up'. You know, put up pictures from the past few months, put up a bit of writing, journal a little. But then the job gets bigger and bigger, and then I'm overwhelmed.

Hmmmm, overwhelmed. I certainly feel that a lot lately. I can't keep up with the mess mostly. The kitchen mainly. And the toys. The floors. The washing. The work I get paid to do. Okay, there is a lot of things I'm swamped with right now.

I blame it on being nocturnal. I love the night life, I love to boogey... Except I'm not boogeying. It's the kids.

Madison has been waking throughout the night since January with screaming and bad dreams. Then there's Noah who insists that 3 square meals (and 5 breastfeeds) a day just isn't enough. Then, afterwards when I'm back in bed my mind is running so fast, I can't sleep. But I try, oh I try. And then when it's almost time to wake up, I'm finally falling asleep.

But tonight I gave up on trying to sleep. After my second wake up call, I called it quits on sleeping. I decided to do something productive with my early morning. Like get on Facebook, update my blog, do the banking, look at all those websites I've been meaning to check out, clean that kitchen mess (quietly of course).

And now, here it is 6:30am and I've just had my 3rd wake up call. Except I'm already awake.

Madison needs to go to the toilet. And because he had barely any dinner last night, he's hungry. So, in the dark we sit in the kitchen eating weetbix together. And perhaps because there's not another sound about and I'm a bit slow, I actually sit and marvel at his wonderfulness. He's singing to me his newest made up song, actually two. And he's telling me something that I can't believe he's remembered.

And now I'm thinking, I'm glad I was awake. If I'd been sleeping I might have been too grumpy to actually enjoy this moment. I might have been pushing for him to go to bed the minute he'd wiped. But as I sat there, I watched his lovely face as he talked to me. His big brown eyes twinkling with laughter, his little lisp, and the way he jumbles up his words to make very, very long sentences.

Perhaps I do love the night life after all...