Friday, August 24, 2012


Calm down, Mum. I'm NOT pregnant.

It's just that it's been almost nine months since starting the Buying Nothing New challenge.

I've relished in it, I've learnt so much, and I've even regretted doing the challenge at times.

Right now I'm tired of my clothes, and eyeing off the new spring/summer fashions, and looking forward to January 1 when I can buy a few staple purchases for my boys and me.

I'm darning socks and stitching tops that are now getting holes in them. If I haven't already learnt how to stretch the dollar further with the savings going on around here, I've also learnt this: I'm very hard on my clothes. Every single top has many holes in them around where my jeans button goes. Apparently, I rub on that area a fair bit when a) making breakfasts, b) packing lunches, c) wiping down benches, d) washing dishes, e) filling up the bathtub... perhaps it's time I tucked in my tops, or stopped wearing jeans...?

Don't worry, I'm not going to undo all my lovely goodness of buying up a year's worth of clothing goodies, but I just know what I'm still thinking about, which means that I am not going to buy something that isn't of any value. Or a last minute purchase. (I'm really looking forward to a little make up, though).

Around May, I took some new steps in the BNN challenge. I started making my own laundry detergent, and I stopped buying tampons (seriously, this needs it's OWN post, but I'll save my brother and father from reading all about this for now). But let me just say this one thing: Menstrual cups are the BOMB! I'm not sure why I haven't bought one earlier than now.

Yep, it's about buying smarter, and working out the real value for money. If I've bought something new (hello, Menstrual Cup!) it's because I know that in a few months, I've paid it off fully, and will benefit from it much longer than the continuation of purchasing disposables. Right now, let's just say I'm smug.

Our credit card is getting lower, things are getting finished around the house (massive garden post about to happen), and we're thinking about investing again. This can only be good, right?

Funnily enough, I can see the good things, but still would like a brightly coloured blazer.

See? Still some challenges. But only a few more months to go!

If you are Buying Nothing New, how are you going?