Wednesday, December 26, 2012


As long as the lead up is to Christmas (it starts around September, right?), it is all over far too quickly.

Our home was full of laughter, music and singing. The lads were in their element with not only two big sisters, but three (we adopted one along the way)!

There was too much good food, and the company was just amazing. My favourite memory was baking in the kitchen and listening to guitars and singing from the girls' bedroom - to the beat of the toy drums. It seemed they had a little band going on. The boys were drawn in and excited to be part of some amazing music, so it seems.

I loved the hub of our family home, busy with activity. I felt honoured to feed my family so much it hurt. I loved that our children were excited to be home together. I still smile from the memories.

Such a wonderful day, and we all agreed: it was the best Christmas we've ever had.

| Top to bottom: the family enjoy their new Christmas gifts; the girls upload their Christmas message to YouTube; the lads try out their new billy cart (made by dad); finishing Christmas gift hampers; Noah's fetish for pistachios; the lads with their cousin Karl (back from USA); waiting patiently for present opening time; present madness begins; the aftermath of Christmas day brunch. |