Friday, March 23, 2007

getting dirty

I have a theory.

The dirtier you get, the more fun you are having. And I don't mean R rated dirty. I mean grotty dirty. You know, roll around in the mud dirty.

Now that I have cleared that up, I can now tell you that Madison is surely going to be an outside boy.

When the screen door is left open, he's out there in a flash, and mighty miserable when he gets picked up and brought back inside.

When he gets to pick flowers he is delighted.

When Dad carries him around showing him the butterflies he happily points back at them and makes cute sounds.

He grins like a cheshire cat when he is reeled about in the wheelbarrow.

But when he is in the dirt, it's the best.

Giggles, singing and all sorts of happy noises leave his mouth when he is dirty. And the dirtier, the more happy.

Pictures speak louder than words for this story... But warning: pictures do not show up how dirty he actually is!