Thursday, March 19, 2009

excitement building

I just had to share how excited I am to be having another baby.

With only ten weeks to go, I am aware that my days are numbered where I get to feel kicks and movement inside of me. This personal, wonderful thing that only we share between us.

And before I know it I will be looking at my new baby in wonder and amazement.

Things I can't wait to do:

1. Smell my baby (why do they smell so good?)
2. Touch that soft, velvety baby skin
3. Look at that perfect face and study every curve and bend, neck, fingers, toes
4. Feed my baby (oh, SO beautiful)
4. Kiss my baby all over

But mostly, I just can't wait to meet him/her.

I just can't wait.

Above: Definitely the best moment in my life - meeting Madison Edward Piez for the first time (25 May 2006).