Saturday, April 11, 2009


While we were working on the last extension, a tenant from another property gave notice and so we decided some work ought to be done on that one too.

It's a beautiful property, my husband's first home. His girls were born there, and it was his chance at a real self-sufficient hippy life. So it has lots of sentimental value. And did I mention it's a beautiful property? It's an old miner's sandstone cottage, built in the 1850's, ruined and rebuilt in the early 80's (by my hubby). Three acres of farmland in a quiet pocket on a tourist track. The road is actually the old coach road to Melbourne from the gold mines in Castlemaine.

The picket fence was getting quite derelict and so we decided on a whim that, hey, we could whip up another in just a few days. Plus other minor repairs like fixing a very rusty water tank, some glass panels and some other odds and ends.

We did it all, and I think the fence particularly is gorgeous. It's amazing what a new fence can do to make a place look great again.

Above: The fence pulled down, the fence beforehand, and after.