Tuesday, April 20, 2010

day twenty | versatility

Today the laundry basket has been a pool, a boat, a car and a bus. It's ferried Thomas' train engines, Matchboox cars and the toolbox. The boys have even had a ride or two while sitting inside.

The boys have had lots of giggles and fun. And, believe it or not, they haven't gotten into too much mischief.

And when Madison's Lightning McQueen sofa is squished inside, the laundry basket makes a fabulous bed.

Happy 'quiet time' Mummy.


  1. I have toy tubs in the rumpus room that inevitably become boats. The boys have a ball and fall out into the ocean many times over. That picture is too cute!

  2. It's often the simplest things that are the best.

    Why pay for toys when a laundry basket, pegs and saucepans make the BEST toys.

  3. haha, Love the makeshift toys, you have got to love their creative ability. Makes you wonder why you spend money on actual toys when the most fun comes from their imagination play.


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