Sunday, July 11, 2010

11th plan b | a hot bubble bath instead of no bath at all

Pleasant smell of bubble bath
Slow, slow, slow, slow down your breath
Let the life flow out of veins - Mechanical Poet

Today has hummed along so nicely that when the boys were having their evening bath while I prepared dinner, I found myself thinking "What Plan B am I going to blog about tonight?"

It was in the next minute during my checkup in the bathroom between peeling potatoes and cutting up vegetables, I discovered more water running into the bath and both boys standing. They were quickly reminded that using more water was wasteful, while standing in the bath was dangerous. They should sit down immediately.

My eldest responded for the both of them: "Mummy, we can't. The bath is too hot."

The boy had changed tact (or should I say tap?), and instead of flicking on the cold one for his usual drink from the tap, he'd turned on the hot one.

The bath was much warmer than tepid and the boys legs were very, very red.

So while they were swept out of the water, I asked Madison, "Why did you fill up the water so high?" He answered, "Because I wanted a high bath just like your's Mummy."

Which gave me an idea. Because it would have been waste to empty the water out onto the garden (perhaps not a complete waste), I decided once the boys were in bed, I'd use the water.

And so now a little red, and totally relaxed, I relay my story from the warm glow of a Sunday night, very unplanned hot bubble bath.