Saturday, July 31, 2010

31st plan b | ending up here

And just when I stopped looking
I saw just how far I’d come
In this life – Delta Goodrem

I guess nobody knows how their life is going to turn out, least of all, me.

But as the end of another month arrives I reflect on the Plan B's of this month, this year, and the many years before this. The friends I chose, the subjects, the school. My decision not to study primary school teaching, and do an accounting course instead. The boyfriends, the jobs, the places I've lived.

Each decision taking me to exactly where I am today.

I almost laugh at my naive claim of not wanting to get married, or having any children. And yet, here I am mother of two, step mother to two and married for almost ten years.

How life takes its twists and turns.

And although I am here at a place I never thought I'd be, there isn't a choice that I've made that I've regretted. Because it's led me here, to who I am right now.

And so far the journey has been worth it.

I wouldn't change a thing.

Thank you for joining me on my alternative journey.