Sunday, April 01, 2012


So, after last week's Fancy Pants edition, I'm now unsure about what season I am. I said I was Autumn, but then some of of my dear blogger friends suggested I might be Winter.

You know, I've just stumbled by with buying whatever colour I pleased most of my life. And I've forgotten what my colours were when we learnt about that in Home Economics (do you remember Colour Me Beautiful?) Also, as I grew up my mother (as biased as she is) has said I looked good in most colours. And I think I actually started to believe her.

Except when I bought a satin silver shirt. The photos of me in it looked ghastly. And the time I wore bright yellow. Perhaps NOT my colours.

So, in the spirit of Pollyanna, Autumn is definitely my secondary colour. You know, the other season that also works for me. (I think we all really have two seasons, you see.)

But with that aside, I'm sticking with the autumn theme this month and wearing my self-approved secondary colours, if that's alright with you ;)

I digress. As you may (or may not know) is that I'm not buying anything new this year. So now I want to brag about how much this outfit cost. Are you ready?

With a little thrifting and shopping my wardrobe, it cost just $49. That includes sunglasses, shoes, earrings, bangles AND nail polish.

Shazam! I am so smug right now. (We'll just overlook that they're not in my actual season colours, okay?)

Do you add up your outfits? Are you a little smug about it sometimes? And have you been wrong about your season colours?

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Kymmie wears: TOP, Thrifted ($5). SKIRT, Thrifted ($5). BELT, Dotti ($2.99). SHOES, Target ($25). BANGLES, Target ($3). EARRINGS, Diva ($3). NAIL POLISH, Limited Edition Revlon Butterfly ($4).

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