Sunday, May 13, 2012


Happy Mother's Day!

This morning I was treated to a sleep-in (hello 9:30am!), breakfast in bed (scrambled eggs, muffins AND croissants), lots of hugs from my favourite little lads, a tasteful plastic bowl from my eldest (thanks school mother's day fundraising stall), an edible butterfly chocolate card from my youngest (thanks kids church), an adorable card from my hubby telling me I'm a great mother (thanks Babe, I love hearing those words from you), and phone calls from my fairy step-daughters (how I love them for being so continually good to me all these years!)

Spoilt much? Absolutely.

The best bit? My husband wasn't away on a work trip; the second time home on Mother's Day in six years.

I love being a mum on most days, and it's not always a thankful job. But today I feel appreciated. My cup runs over.

How have you spent this Mother's Day?