Friday, May 18, 2012


This week the sun was shining, I had a houseful of children (namely Matilda and Zoe), and if that isn't reason enough to be grateful, we thought we'd enjoy a backyard picnic too.

Life is busy, isn't it? And while there's lots of shenanigans in my life, I've hardly had a spare second to get out the camera and actually record it. But this week, I made the effort.

Once upon an Addictive Blog ago, I took photos every. single. day. It's something that my husband my teases me constantly for, but now the camera is hardly used, I think it's disgraceful. I feel like I'm missing out on recording all those special moments with my children; catching all those cute phrases they say, and seeing their little natures in action.

But I shouldn't worry. My husband has an amazing memory. And while I'm snapping away, he often says I should enjoy the moment instead of grabbing the camera. Because "I'll only have a memory of it in camera form, rather in real life form". Sometimes I see his point, but other times I'm scared the memories will disappear.

So, while I'm taking photographs in my mind *click*, I don't mind taking beautiful photos to add to the memories, because it all helps us to absorb the good times. Doesn't it?
 What are you grateful for?