Sunday, October 21, 2012


Oh, it's a Fancy Pants post. Yes, once upon a time I use to do these every week.

EVERY week, I tell you.

I'm not sure what happened. Because I didn't lose my Blogjo, and I love blogging as much as ever. I just think life got on the way, and the camera was left behind. There's even been the most excellent second hand shop finds to share, but just not enough time to get out the ironing board to put my camera on.

But wait, I really don't have any more excuses. Because my husband bought me a tripod for my birthday! Yes, he's the best, isn't he? No more dragging out the ironing board and balancing my little camera on it for limited angles. I can really be a pro photographer with my little canon ixus instamatic ;)

So, I'm back. And I'm hoping to be a better blogger. Really I am.

And how's this spring weather? It truly is gorgeous. As is my round-puffy-ball tree. Yes, I really don't know its proper name. But it's scrumptious, is it not? So much to love about spring. Including all that fresh colour and lots of white!

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Kymmie wears: PANTS, Portmans. SINGLET, Witchery. TOP, Witchery. SCARF, Myer. HEELS, Zu. BELT, Thrifted (just $1).

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