Sunday, October 28, 2012


Remember the time when I bared my soul and shared how I want to be a hippie and all? Well, this outfit proves that I really can do the hippie thing, even when I feel corporate so much of the time.

This skirt? Just $2 at my favourite Brotherhood store. And the belt? Just $1 (it still had its new tags on). If it's possible, op shops have 50% off days. And on this such day I spent $14 and purchased seven belts, this skirt and a bolero jacket (PLUS two shirts with their new tags on for my little lads). I know! Absolutely amazing, right? I am the last of the BIG spenders! You can just imagine the little piece of smug I was when I skipped out of there with my bag FULL of goodies.

And although my clothes are really falling apart (thanks to deciding to BNN this year), this singlet has seen me through some good times. In fact 18 months' worth of pregnancies and back in again - from over six years ago. Giordano sure knows how to make a $10 singlet last! I won't mention the wear and tear in the form of teeny tiny holes around the front, but hey, I think it's fair to say that I've gotten my ten bucks worth!

And the boots? They've seen me through two pregnancies too. So comfortable they're like pillows. Lovely for walking the kids to school, racing around for work, and they look a bit stylish too. I still get asked where I bought them. And should I just mention that I bought them for a song too? I think I can safely say that this outfit cost a total of $50. That's including the accessories and boots, baby!

Thanks for stopping by! (Perhaps we should do another one of those 5 days 5 ways things again soon for spring?)

Kymmie wears: SKIRT, Thrifted ($2). SINGLET, Giordano ($10). BELT, Thrifted ($1). BOOTS, Switch ($30). BANGLES, Target ($3). EARRINGS, Equip ($4).

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