Sunday, June 27, 2010

lesson twenty seven | there's liberation in slothing

“Free your mind and let it all hang out, be yourselves, go there with positive energy if you have any in your body.” – Fred Durst

Today was one of those 'hang it all out' kind of days. The days where we wore pyjamas until before dinner, the house was a mess, and I didn't even care.

I figured that nobody wass coming over, and I didn't have to worry about what my husband thought (he should be home from his weekend away any minute now). We just slothed.

Yep, that's what we did.

I threw my list out the window today. Okay, not literally. But I made a conscious effort not to make a new one for the weekend on Friday. And it worked. I achieved nothing really special today, and I liked it.

We cooked what we wanted, ate when we felt like it, and today I just put aside the 'guiltometer' on just about everything.

It was so liberating that perhaps we might do it again sometime. In fact, there's a husband-free weekend coming up again soon...