Wednesday, June 30, 2010

plan b

It's a new month, and a new theme for my Photo A Day project.

And this month?

Each day brings a new set of routines and planned choices. And for the past three months, I've blogged about what happens during those days.

So instead of blogging about what I planned to do, I am going to let you know about the other option:

Plan B.

Hopefully this will open my mind to consider new things, be willing to change the routine, and put the spontaneity back into my very planned life (of course, the boys keep me on my toes). Instead of saying "No," I'll say "Yes," and see what happens...

Last month's theme What I learnt today and the previous month Things I love was inspired by my friend Kellie. I started this Photo A Day project as as a result of the very naughty/curious things my children were doing a few months' back, and wanted to capture it all. That's how 30 Days of Real Parenting and blogging once a day began. Friends like Jodi and Dannii have also joined in on the monthly challenges. I invite you too!

Is it just me, or are these challenges getting harder and harder?

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you join me in the challenge!