Monday, January 09, 2012


I just want to be this girl. One who lives in headscarves and owns second-hand bohemian clothes, wears a nose ring, and only eats organic, vegan food. One who throws on clothes that don't go, and has an attitude to match. You know, carefree and a bit careless.

In fact, on the inside I'm such a hippie. We're mostly vegan at home, and our veggie patch is organic, but I don't have a nose ring, and look and feel corporate so much of the time. And the responsibility... how I long to be set free of it sometimes.

Wouldn't it be lovely to live just outside of Byron Bay on a large piece of land? Not work full time, just enough to pay the essential bills. There'd be less costs, because life would be more simple. No need to purchase food, or suits for work. Just have the most simplest of possessions, mostly the clothes on our backs, and perhaps a small mortgage. Or even no debt at all.


But then I know that wouldn't satisfy me either. I'd be longing for the city and a good job. I'd get bored of The Simple Life and look for a project or three. I'd be thinking there was more to life than working on the land.

I'm so divided at times - such a split personality. But at least I can dream and dream, and perhaps even live it for a while.

Or at least dress that way in the meantime.

Is there a part of you that isn't what you seem? Do you find yourself dressing like the inner you sometimes? Do you have dreams of a different life (for a while anyway?)

Thanks for stopping by! (Perhaps we should do another one of these 5 days 5 ways things again soon?)

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