Thursday, August 05, 2010

1st silly thing | scratching my eyes out

I've been using eye cream for over 15 years now. But that's not my silly thing. Eye cream is actually very sensible.

The silly thing is that in those 15 plus years I have purchased most of those eye creams in glass jars. And then as religiously as I put it on, I also drop those lovely jars on my bathroom tile floor. Not only because I'm silly, but because I'm also a little clumsy.

On the odd occasions, I have been seen sprawled out on my bathroom floor mumbling madly to myself as I desperately try and salvage eye cream from the floor, cutting myself on the sharp glass. (You would think that someone would make eye cream jars out of that safetly glass, rather than the Kill Me Sharp glass they use). Then I put the eye cream back in the glass jar.

And keep using it.

The jar is getting low of it's miracle concoction. And this morning I cut my finger trying to get some of the Previously Been On The Floor goop out of my broken jar. Then I patted it softly around my eyes (just in case I there's some glass in the cream).

In all the sillyness, I've not cut my face yet.

Well, not on the eye cream glass anyway.