Saturday, August 14, 2010

9th silly thing | check first before spending

There's a reason why we need plenty of storage space. Firstly, we own too much stuff. Secondly, in order to see all the stuff we have, it needs to be easy to see and access too. Just so we don't forget what there is.

And Friday, I discovered other benefits.

Like financial benefits. Emotional benefits. And health benefits.

And having a little clean out of two small baskets holding herbs, spices and first aid stuff, I was amazed.

Amazed at how many double ups we had (financial). How much rubbish we had (emotional). How many things had reached their use by date (health).

And the other emotional benefit. Knowing I didn't need to buy Lemon Pepper, Cumin, Basil and Panadol for around ten more years, or until their use by date. Whichever comes first.