Monday, November 21, 2011


Once upon a time, a very long time ago (before children), my third drawer was the home to all things pretty - tea towels, spare candles, tea lights, matches (to light forementioned pretty candles), napkin rings, and other table accessories.

These days my third drawer (actually now located across a large top drawer next to the cutlery), is full of useful things, like tools.

And batteries. And tape. And string.

Because barely a few days pass by when we don't pull out the tools and fix something.

Whether it be a torn sleeve, cover or page of a book, a broken toy, or some new batteries (which we seem to always need more of).

So we always have a spare (or five) of each sized battery.

The boys have their favourite toys, so I can't seem too ignore the constant fixing that needs to be done.

Plus, they keep asking!

Besides, I don't really mind. It keeps the lads very busy. Especially in the 'fixing' part as well as the enjoying of the toy. Or book. Or whatever it is that needs to be fixed.

Plus, what boy doesn't enjoy finding how the insides work of a thing that makes noise, or plays music?

Do you find that there is a constant need for fixing at your place?