Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I love this room. Besides the kitchen, this is where I spent most of my time. Of course, it's usually in my favourite state - in the Land of Zzzzs.

I love the buttermilk walls, the pale yellow ceiling, the white ceiling rose, and austrian blinds.

The timber skirtings and window, are just so decadent, and the space is totally uncluttered.

We had carpet laid in the bedrooms, which gave the bedrooms such warmth. While I love floorboards, it just wasn't the same.

And because I just like to lie on the floor, we put in a thicker underlay too. Plus it feels so velvety under our feet.

Friends often giggle that we still sleep in a double bed, but I don't mind at all.

Besides, there's more excuse for a cuddle in a smaller bed!

I love this room.