Saturday, January 19, 2013


In the last Fancy Pants (which is far too long ago for me to be proud of), I shared that my gorgeous and dear friend Lindy had what she called her "Basket of Truth" in her bedroom - clothes that she wasn't sure about which she placed in a laundry basket ready to take back to the second hand store where she purchased them from. This dress was in there. It seemed to have some wardrobe malfunctions. Turns out I really loved this dress, made the minor adjustments, and have lived in it since the weather warmed up.

There's something lovely about being given clothes by a friend, or someone you know. I usually think of them fondly when I put the article of clothing on, and during the time I wear it. It's the same lovely thoughts when I'm eating something made with love, or even using a gift bar of soap. Or cleanser (yes, I think of you Janine when I cleanse my face in the shower each morning - I even think of your sister-in-law who works for Jurlique!)

Are you someone who thinks lovingly of someone while using their gift?

This dress is so great for a day that is 37 degrees celcius (like right now). And because it's denim, it goes with everything! Gotta love that kind of versatility!

Thanks Lindy! And thank YOU for stopping by.

Kymmie wears: DRESS, Thrifted by Lindy. SILVER SANDALS, Target. BANGLE, Diva. EARRINGS, Gift (thanks Daniella!)

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