Monday, January 28, 2013


The last weekend before school starts... there is something about wanting to be sure that every bit of fun was had over the holidays. Oh, the madness of squeezing it all in: long walks by the beach, lying in the sunshine, french cricket in the sand, outdoor movies on the village green, games of Uno, lazying with the lads, luxury meals... it all had to happen this weekend.

The photos were snapped like there was no tomorrow. Because, *sigh* it will all be over too soon.

| Top to bottom: Noah is obsessed about shutting the front picket fence gate; the short walk to the beach; a bit of french cricket; hitting the main street at a rare moment when all is quiet; twilight scooter rides to Pea Soup Beach; watching surfers from the rocks; the three-year old wants to be a photographer ("Say cheese, Mummy!"); Sunset moments; practicing on big brother's two-wheeler scooter. |