Saturday, February 02, 2013


When the days are hot, and the nights are cool, light cardigans are definitely necessary during summer. Especially in Melbourne. Perfect for a Gourmet BBQ (menu and food will be shown on Wednesday).

This cardigan has been hanging in my cupboard, unworn, for such a long time. Three years ago, I bought a pair of pants and jacket from Ojay, and because I spent over $100, the cardigan was a 'freebie' with the purchase. It was definitely not something I would have thought to purchase voluntarily, but the sales assistant told me how versatile it would be. So, I kept it just in case.

Three weeks ago, I had to fly to Perth for work, and voila, it was rediscovered.

1. Packs small in carry on luggage - check.
2. Scrunching or folding, it doesn't matter - check.
2. Never need to iron it - check.
3. Looks a million dollars - check.
4. Doubles as a light blanket - check.
5. Extra comfy - check.

Why I hadn't given it an airing earlier, I have no idea. But I've worn it quite a bit since this epiphany.

Now I'm wishing I'd gotten one in another colour. Because it too, would be just as functional as this one.

Now about my son's singlet. I promise that it isn't really that short, and I do make sure his tummy is warm at all times. After taking these photos, I double-checked. And yes, it's long enough. And I promise he looked more put together when we went out.

What hidden article of clothing has turned out to be a staple in your wardrobe?

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