Wednesday, February 27, 2013


This boy loves to help. So while we were madly picking, preserving and freezing our garden produce in preparation for our seachange, Noah wasn't too far away.

And because he's quite the helper, friends and family have picked up on this. So at Christmas and Birthday time, he has acquired a few aprons. Cloth ones, and plastic ones; ones with cars and trains on them.

But the one he chooses when we're cooking? This one: it's frilly, girly, cute, feminine, anything like the lad.

It's the one I bought before we renovated our kitchen, because it suited the new colour scheme. Not because I intended it to be worn. It was just to hang in the kitchen corner and be pretty.

So, why this one?

"Because it's not stiff, and it fits me just right," he says.

When you're three, practicality wins every time.

Do you have aprons for your little helpers? Are they frilly and pretty, or plastic with trucks on them? Do tell!