Sunday, September 15, 2013


You see, there was this tree stump that they had to jump over. Or on. Or off. Either way, it was the centre of attention. And boys being boys, they do what they do.

I really love how these photos show the energy that these lads have. I'm often told, "Wow, your boys are really energetic!" At first I use to think they were naughtier than most kids, but now I shrug it off. They're normal, healthy boys. There's not much you can do to stop it. Best to let that kind of energy run its course. Mostly I embrace it, try and channel it into a positive energy, and go along with it. But other times, I find myself saying things I know they're not hearing. I'm left to shrug my shoulders.

Mostly, I love that energy; that zest for life. Sometimes as we get older, it disappears. Having kids is soooo good to help us to remember what it's like to get excited about the little things. Like jumping on/off/over a tree stump.

Do you have energetic children? How do you respond?

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