Sunday, October 02, 2011


This week it's Fancy Pants: the outback edition. Here were are at Karalundi Aboriginal Education Community (WA), a place where I worked ten years ago, and we're back after a wee visit with our old friends. As for fashion... a few years back my husband and I had a discussion about style that went a bit like this.

Me: I've got clothes for work, clothes for going out, clothes for church, clothes for renovating, and clothes for Karalundi. Yet I've still got nothing to wear.

Hubby: I have the same clothes, wherever I go. Why don't you wear the same clothes no matter where you are?

It got me thinking. Why didn't I wear the same clothes wherever I went. Why did I dress according to where I was going, and forget who I was just because I was in a different place?

So now I make sure I am me wherever I am. At home, at work, in the outback. Practical, but still me.

Here are a few snaps taken today.

This is my friend Kelly, her husband Josh and little fella Cooper. And if you think you've seen Coops before, well that's because he's a baby model and has been published lately! Adorable little guy. Makes me a little clucky...

This is Dana (and her brother Nathaniel in the background). They belong to the most awesome family. Our boys are only 6 weeks apart, so we did our pregnancies together, and now compare notes on our active lads!

Sitting out on the lawn talking the day away is the best way to spend an afternoon at Karalundi.

I just had to take this photograph. So, there is an office chair in the middle of the road. Just sitting there.

There you have it: this week's Fancy Pants in the desert.

Do you change your style according to where you are, or are you the same wherever you go? Do you leave your office chair out on the street, just because?

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