Monday, June 11, 2012


So, here we are on Day One of the Five Day Five Way challenge for... red jeans!

I bought these jeans on a whim. They were cheap and I had already succumbed to the idea of hardly ever wearing them. Mostly, because they were Fire Engine Red. But then I thought, why not wear them to death? Get my $39 dollars' worth? Especially seeing they will most likely be around for only a few seasons.

So, I looked around. I found red jeans on Pinterest. I visited YouTube. The best advice I received was by this lovely Californian girl Tiffany Hendra who has a style series on YouTube called Sanctuary of Style (you can visit her how to rock red jeans post here). I love her! Not only is she stylish, she has married into the best family ever! (*waves* Hi Ella, Russ, Aaron and Benny!). I've clung to the advice: "Wear them like you would regular blue denim jeans". I know, amazing right? As soon as you open that window (because hey, what doesn't go with jeans?), the possibilities are endless!

Because I'm Buying Nothing New (BNN) this year, I decided to shop my own wardrobe and wear them. And wear them. And again, wear them.

Today, I'm going hippie poncho and warm booties. Because it's freezing outside. And this poncho is the next thing to wearing a one of those Snuggies (of course, much more classy!) Now, I'm ready to face anything that Melbourne winter has to give me.

So tell me... do you have red skinnies that you hardly wear? Will you try and wear them like regular blue denim jeans?

More red jeans looks here and here.

Thanks for stopping by!

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