Sunday, June 17, 2012


After a week of red jeans, you could be mistaken for thinking that I'm totally sick of them But I'm not.

I even went and shopped my wardrobe some more and came up with even more new outfits using my red skinnies. So much fun!

Like these shoes. They're circa 1999. And they haven't gone out of fashion. Denim too. I think they were even my first pair of wedges!

This could almost be better than going to the shops. I mean, it's far cheaper, right? My best friend who visited me last year just had to take a peek into my wardrobe because she thought I had a ridiculous amount of clothes. Well, she was surprised to see that I have a normal two-door wardrobe, neatly stacked with wooden hangers and a few shelves' worth of clothing. (I do confess to having ridiculous amount of scarves, jewellery and hats though!)

But it's doable to recreate from the wardrobe you already have. (And remember I haven't bought anything new all year.)

How do you shop your wardrobe?

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Kymmie wears: SKINNY JEANS, Caroline Morgan. SINGLET, Giordano. TOP, Luxx. WEDGES, Naona. NECKLACE, Gift (thanks Kate!).

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