Sunday, March 18, 2012


Why hello there! I'm coming to you all freshened up from my holidays! Well, it was a few days away, but what a difference it makes to your mental health.

Different walls to stare at. Sunshine and ocean. There's something relaxing about that combination, don't you think?

Some time in the holiday park spa, time to paddle on the beach, go for a jaunt in the boat, finish reading The Millenium Trilogy.

It was all so good.

Hubby even gave me a couple of hours to meander down the main street for a bit of window shopping.

The best bit was sitting down to a hot soy chai latte. Uninterrupted.

Aaaah. A bit of bliss!

Although I'm not doing manicures/pedicures, I did a little DYI, and put on my brightest nail colour.

And I feel a little spoilt as a result of the change of pace. It even made me a little bold in my clothing choice on the day of our return to a friend's place for lunch.

How do you relax? What works for you?

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