Saturday, March 10, 2012


There are guitars everywhere I look in my house. Acoustic, electric, bass guitars. Even a ukelele. Not to mention the amplifiers, speakers, fancy foot pedals, guitar strings, wrappers, music stands, sheet music, music books. Lots of music books.

You name it, we own it.

That because Hubby is a guitarist. But you guessed that already, right?

And if I could think about the millions of things that I don't like about tripping over guitars all around my house, I could also think of a million other things that I absolutely love.

Like the fact that my house is full of live music. Full of musicians. Full of wannabe guitarists (me).

And actual guitarists (everyone else but me).

Both my step-daughters play the guitar. Kelly is now learning the piano and the ukelele while Leah is a natural on the drums and acoustic guitar.

And because of that continual exposure to so much live music, the little lads are interested too. Madison can play a few chords and sing some songs. Noah has caught the bug too.

He was seen yesterday carrying around Daddy's ukelele and singing some tunes.

Over and over again.

So precious.

What are you grateful for today?