Friday, March 23, 2012


I can't help it. I'm a Wannabe Peeping Tom. Have been for a long time.

Always the curious type, I often wonder what people's houses look like, what's in their handbags, what's in their wardrobes, and now my latest craze: lunchboxes.

You see, this year I've just started this official gig at being a school mum. I've been packing lunches on and off for five years, but now it's every. single. school. day.

Each school morning, I may often be seen dreaming in La La Land while packing my childrens' lunchboxes, wondering what my friends put in their kids' lunchboxes. And because it's now bordering on obsession, I'm going to let you take a sneak peek into mine. (Because I'm dying to see what you put in yours.)

Because I know you're just like me and interested in that sort of thing.


Kiwi fruit & blueberries | Vegan cream cheese, Sanitarium smoked deli slice & salad sourdough roll |
D'lights in BBQ | Sugar-free afghan biscuit | Chocolate square

Frozen Sanitarium Up & Go in Choc Ice | Vegan cream cheese, tomato and vegemite bagel |

 Grapes | Tuna, cheese, tomato & organic mayo wrap |
Banana cake mini muffin | Rice snacks in BBQ

Banana | Gluten-free chocolate & almond torte |
Wholemeal sandwich thins with assorted fillings |
Bagelbites with babybel cheese | Dried dates, sultanas & apricots

Grapes | Egg & lettuce bagel | Celebration lemon cupcake | Mini-wheats in blackcurrant

I love my nude lunchboxes from Tupperware. And even thought they're like $30 each, there's a lifetime warranty which means if a lid breaks or chips, hello new part. For the whole of its lunchbox life. Worth every penny I say. I love their sections, but there needs to be little Tupperware tubs that go inside of the sections so I can put in yoghurt and dips.

Nude Food Movers do cool Smash lunchboxes too, with their cool whole apple sections and individual tubs. The best. But their skin is too tight for my preppie to take off, there are too many lids and they break, and their removable sections get lost. I've been a little disappointed. But that's okay. They more than make up with their accessories. You see they do cool ice puks (above) and skins (below) to keep the lunch cool. Top idea! Now, if only I could combine my favourite bits of both brands into the Best Lunchbox Ever! I've now combined the Tupperware with the Smash accessories (the skin fits the Tupperware much better), and I'm almost content.

So there you have it. My name is Kymmie and I'm a lunchbox perve.

How do you do kids' lunchboxes?
What lunchboxes do you use? Have you found the perfect one?