Sunday, December 12, 2010

10 reasons why having a haircut is the best

  1. Going to the hairdressers is like a mini holiday.
  2. When I go with no kids, I get to browse through a couple of gossip magazines and I don't have to share my drink and biscuits with anyone.
  3. I always ask for a wash, even if I have clean hair. That's so I can have a head massage. OMG, that head massage...
  4. My hairdresser Fleur and I talk about everything: from weight issues, lingerie, being step mums, her wild birthday parties and our obsessive compulsive disorders.
  5. Every visit, she tells me how much she loves me.
  6. Every visit, I tell her how we must have been kindred spirits in a former life.
  7. Even though I ask regularly, she won't let me colour my hair. Apparently it's a good colour.
  8. She styles my hair much funkier and cooler than I can.
  9. I never make hair requests. Fleur cuts my hair exactly how she wants.
  10. Because I trust her totally. And she never lets me down.