Sunday, December 19, 2010

10 tips to survive sick kids (when you're sick too)

When kids are sick, it's hard. But when you're sick too, it's so much more difficult. The days are long, and the imagination goes into overdrive to make the day as pleasant as possible. We all know that mums who are sick don't get a day off, and with a husband away and two kids with tonsilitis (and Mummy too), this weekend I went into survival mode:
  1. Change your expectations immediately. When you and the kids are sick, nothing will go according to plan. Minimise housework for the next few days. High priority is now placed on caring for you and your kidlets.
  2. Cancel your plans. If you had plans in the next few days, it's best to cancel them. Those outings can wait. You don't want to share this type of love anyway. Trying to get healthy kids out of the house is hard enough, let alone being sick and miserable (that's you and them).
  3. Assess the bug. If you think a doctor's appointment is necessary, call now. I called my doctor's surgery at 8:30am on Saturday, and couldn't get in until 7:30pm. Good thing I called straight away. I might have completely missed out.
  4. Medicate. Make your child as comfortable as possible. Whatever it takes. Panadol, Honey & Lemon, a herbal mix... and that includes you too.
  5. Prepare some food. If you're sick, the last thing you want to do is more than what is absolutely necessary. But making a lunch box or a fruit platter for the kids (and you) left where all can access is the best idea ever. When the kids are hungry, they can snack on carrot sticks, kiwi fruit and dry biscuits without needing you to prepare anything for them. And if everyone's sick, then healthy and light foods work the best. And you can all graze all day.
  6. Think quiet toys. This is the time to pull out anything you can sit and do with the kids. Think cards, Thomas The Tank Engine set, books, DVDs. Warm blankets on the lounge. The lot.
  7. Rest. This is the time to coordinate everyone's sleep. And sleeping is necessary. For all of you.
  8. Get out of your jammies... eventually. As nice as it is to sloth it in your jammies until 3pm, its nice to have a shower and wash your hair. And it makes you feel better. (Even if you put in a fresh pair of pyjamas on afterwards.)
  9. Keep a routine. It's hard enough to keep a routine when your fit and healthy, let alone sick and tired. But the kids (and you) need it more than ever.
  10. Call in the Calvary. If you can't do it on your own, seek support. You're sick and so are your kids. If family, friends or neighbours can help you, then don't hesitate to ask or accept offers of help.