Wednesday, December 08, 2010


My poor blog. So neglected this past week. All because of renovating. Polishing floorboards. Finding new tenants. And work deadlines. So many deadlines.

And not only is December here. We're almost a third into it.


As I said to a friend today, I wish I could close my eyes and wake up having done all that needs to be done before Christmas. That would be so nice.

Some people's December quietens down, others rev up to something quite cyclonic. I'm the latter. And while I washed off a day in the office in the shower tonight I wondered, Could I BE any busier? (yes, even said like Chandler Bing of Friends fame).

But I know it will only get worse. Why, my kids aren't even at school yet, they do not have after school activities like sport or hobbies, school friends, break up parties. I watch my friends with their lovely big families have up to two events each night during this ridiculously busy month called December.


But I'm sucking it up.

And as a result, I'm blogging like I usually do. I'm not wussing out. A theme every month, just like normal. And this month's theme will be lists. Lists of all types. Because I really love lists. And it works with Christmas just around the corner. Christmas lists, gift lists, menu lists, event lists.

I'm making a list. I'm making it twice...