Monday, December 20, 2010

10 ways to find (& keep) the Christmas Spirit until Christmas day

  1. Early Decorations. Put up the Christmas tree early. That way when you're too busy to enjoy it in December, you can remember how nice it was to stare at the tree back in November.
  2. Advent Calendar. Give your kids a chance to count down to Christmas. Or you could be like me and leave it unhung on top of the piano to keep them guessing.
  3. Be healthy. Nothing worse than celebrating Christmas all run down and sick. And by doing less, it means you should have time to eat and rest properly to truly enjoy this wonderful time.
  4. Plan ahead. Start your Christmas shopping early. I'm thinking at the mid-year sales. And if you make your own Christmas cards, you should have started them in September. A big part of enjoying Christmas is knowing you've spent the time to prepare for it and are ready when it comes.
  5. Christmas music. As much as it might seem annoying, Christmas music reminds you that it's not too far away. It's relaxing in some crazy way, and all those Carols and corny kids' songs can make you smile again.
  6. Revisit the tree. When life gets crazy, sit at those hypnotic lights and just be. Try not to think of all the things you haven't done.
  7. Cookie Swap. Not that I benefitted from the one held yesterday (damn you, tonsilitis), but a friend organised eight of her friends to bake four dozen biscuits, and then come to her place for a wonderful cookie swap. Now, everyone has a lovely selection of cookies over the visiting/christmas party/crazy season. Brilliant. Just brilliant.
  8. Plan right. Never, ever plan to hold your largest five day work function three days after Christmas and over the New Year. Trust me, this can ruin anyone's Christmas experience.
  9. Say 'no' and do less. That way you have more time to get excited. Isn't Christmas busy enough? Do as I say, not as I do.
  10. Learn from this year's mistakes. If possible, remember how you feel right now and avoid this feeling at all costs next year. Trust me, you won't regret it.