Saturday, December 18, 2010

this saturday i'm grateful for... time, a gift to the community

Saturdays are the days where our household stops. No TV, no hyper stimulation. Time to spend time together and just be. And because it's our day of rest, there's time to reflect on the six past days and remember all the things I'm grateful for...
  1. A gift to the community. This week was full of community events - our community Carols by Candlelight, and this amazing nativity walk-through called Road to Bethlehem. (It's awesome and if you've never been, and you live in Melbourne you need to take your kids and go.) Anyway, I was privileged to be part of both programs, and to see the effort that goes into these sort of productions is amazing. And even though it makes me sick to my stomach presenting to crowds of people, there are great rewards, like seeing the warm fuzzies for the 15,000 plus people that go through every year. No money spent, just time. My gift to the community.
  2. Home. Being out four nights this week as well as during the day has it's knockbacks. Our home has been replaced (once again) by the House of Feral. Even so, it's my comfort to be here with my family at the end of the busy days (and nights).
  3. Food Club. If you know anything about me, you need to know this: I love food. In fact, I love it so much I'm in a food club (a separate post coming up on this next). Yes, you heard right. Not book club, food club. And after a Christmas meal do die for last night, I'm almost happy not to have another one on Christmas Day. It will stay in my memory - tastebuds and hips - for a while yet.
Happy Grateful Day.

This Saturday I'm Grateful For... is inspired by Maxabella Loves... Join in. Maxabella would want me to invite you. It's good for the soul to be grateful.