Saturday, May 14, 2011

fancy pants

The persimmon tree is almost ripe and most of the leaves have finally fallen off all the deciduous trees. Luckily we are surround by oaks if we ever feel depressed by the constant need to rake.

Here in Melbourne it's been cold, cold, cold. Freezing in fact. And so I've been wearing coats, berets, beanies and boots. Winter is here, and it's early.

Not that I'm surprised. Melbourne really didn't have a warm summer, and so it makes sense that it just keeps on getting cooler. Perhaps it's the break in the drought that has made our seasons kind of right again. Or perhaps the rumour that global warming is bollocks is true after all.

Whatever the reason, I'm rugging up and kind of wishing for warmer weather. But then relishing in rugging up in flannel sheets and ugg boots. Because there's something lovely about that too.

As are the tweed high heeled shoes I wore today. They're grey, black with a strip of burgundy and teal. So quirky and cute, they're timeless. I've had them for a few years now, but don't think I'll ever tire of them. I would have done a close up of them for you today, but my step daughter borrowed them right after I took these quick pictures. So the above picture is from a Fancy Pants 'photo shoot' that I didn't end up using here on the blog (sans opaques).

These shoes almost didn't get an outing today. That's because I initially thought to wear a pair of plain black shoes, but after wincing in the first few seconds of putting them on, they were promptly exchanged for these lovelies. Why did I waste money on a shoe that looks good, but hurts so much? It's not often I get caught with a bad purchase, but I did buy them in a rush for my niece's wedding when I had a newborn. So you can excuse me for my rash decision, can't you?

So, how about you? Have you been caught out with a bad purchase? Did you buy shoes that make you wince the moment you put them on?

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