Tuesday, May 10, 2011

having a little break in transmission

So, if you think it's been a bit quiet in this part of the world, it's because I've been sitting on my couch watching TV.

No, actually singing and dancing around the room, singing those beautifully arranged, catchy songs from Glee.

Is it just me who has just realised the amazement that is this show?

It's already in its third season, and I've only just become a fan. This might just make me the biggest lagger in history. But thanks to my step-daughter's loyalty to the series (and her collection of all the DVDs to date), I'm catching up.

Four episodes a night catching up. Yes, I'm that addicted dedicated.

And it makes me so happy. Giggling away at the snappy script, and, well, just singing along to those awesome tunes. Makes me wish we had a Glee Club at school...

Have you discovered the wonderfulness that is Glee?