Saturday, May 28, 2011

fancy pants

While it's been hovering around the 13 degree mark here in Melbourne, it's been a wonderful excuse to snuggle up. I've just changed my bedroom linen to the winter doona and put on the flannel sheets. So soft and warm! I even purchased some new jammies (thanks Target!) which are also flannel.

Have you noticed how hard it is to move around in bed with flannel sheets when you're wearing flannels?

Sorry, I digress...

So, it was 30% off last weekend and I headed to the shops teamed with a wonderful shopping partner - my eldest step-daughter Kelly. And well... we did a little spending.

And I love how what could have been an expensive shop was just so much more affordable!

I have been in love with these booties since I visited Adelaide and saw my step-sister had them in both camel and black. So versatile (and did you notice a wedge there too? My favourite!). And I was even more pleased when they were on sale. (How can one say "no" to $60 shoes?)

And these pants... so warm! I tried them on a few months back and swore I had to go back and get them. And as Kelly pointed out when I made her try them on: "They really suck you in." She is soooo right.

The look this winter is a long top worn underneath this shape jumper - short at the front, long at the back. Love it! So cozy and warm. And the colours? Well, they're all my favourite variety of neutrals all mixed up together.

And my hair? It's time to grow the hair to keep my neck warm. And I'm working on those under-eye bags. More sleep needed.

So, there you have it. I'm ready for winter (and for those persimmons behind me to be ripe already)! And there's nothing I don't love about warm feet, and cozy warm clothes (and delicious persimmons).

How about you? Are you ready for the cold weather?

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