Saturday, May 14, 2011

this saturday i'm grateful for... lovely giveaways

I'm finding that time is running away from me. I don't get a chance to stop and smell the roses.

Last night, when I sat down to think about what I was grateful for, Blogger was down. Also, it was difficult to find things to be grateful for. Because a dear friend lost his life yesterday. He was just a little bit older than my husband. Damn cancer. It's become Everyone's Disease. I don't want to sound impatient, but why isn't there a cure yet?

Perhaps it is even more important to look for the grateful on weeks such as these. And somewhere in it all, I was able to find sunshine in the form of...
  1. Lovely giveaways. There's nothing more sweet than a large package on your doorstep filled with blogger love, especially after hearing such sad news. In all my life, I've not won a thing. Yet in the past two months since entering a few of my favourite bloggers giveaways, luck has it that I've benefitted twice. And the package at my door? A beautiful hand-made cushion, made with love, from Naturally Carol as a result of her Royal Wedding Giveaway (pictured above). Thank you Carol for your incredible talent, some of which now sits on my bed.
  2. Love, confirmed. On Monday, Hubby and I flew to Sydney for a work colleague/friend's wedding. It's was such a beautiful (chilly) day! Our friends were married in a park stockyard overlooking some of the north shore. And it was so fitting seeing our friend loves his horses! The roughness of the stockyard was tamed by his classy, beautiful bride. And aren't weddings a wonderful time to remember your own wedding vows too?
  3. Modern kitchen assistant. For Mother's Day, my husband bought me the King of Kitchen Help - a thermomix. Now, if you haven't heard about one of these incredible machines, you have to see it for yourself to believe it. A blender, kitchen aid, breadmaker, ice cream maker, steamer, scales, saucepan all in one. It's literally like another person in the kitchen. And since its delivery on Thursday, it's hard to leave the kitchen, I'm that inspired.
Despite how hard the week might have been for you, what can you find to be grateful for?