Friday, May 06, 2011


Is it really the weekend already? Oh my, how the week has just flown. I'm sure I missed a whole day. But perhaps that's because I'm extremely grateful for...
  1. More sleep. Although I'm getting up three to four times a night with a child who isn't wetting his bed anymore (let's celebrate!), I'm tired from the amounts of broken sleep thanks to my four year old's bladder. But a few nights at hopping into bed at 9:30pm sure has me bouncing out of the bed a bit more during the night rather than dragging my feet.
  2. Sore muscles. So, I joined the gym on Thursday. And it feels fabulous. Okay, well, I don't exactly feel fabulous. More sore. But that can only mean good things for my body, right?
  3. Royal titles. Even though it's been a whole week since The Royal Wedding, we're still hearing all about it (thanks to Pippa's bum, the honeymoon, the googlesphere...). I'm still relishing in our Royal Food Club held during the live screening of Kate & Wills exchanging vows. So, above is the amaaaazing table setting thanks to this month's host, Julie. And there were even name cards for our places. One could become use to being called Lady Kym of Croydon.
What are you grateful for today?