Sunday, March 17, 2013


There's something about an atmosphere that is surrounded by good music, an onslaught of 40,000 or so people, food stalls, the beach, and fabulous weather that makes you feel good.

Last week was the Port Fairy Folk Festival. The weather was warm (do you remember?) and events like this bring out my inner hippie. While I don't have the nose ring or the dreadlocks, I love that feeling of freedom that comes with roaming around with my favourite men discovering new things: the marionette who sings to didgeridoo music, or the new world band that people are up and dancing to, the one man band, or the kids who are busking with their instruments for the first time. So many places to explore, and so many wonderful things to see.

Madison was particularly drawn to a man who juggled live chainsaws, and lay on a bed of nails. We happened to catch his performance two days in a row. At the end of both performances (and what a performance it was), Madison went up and shook his hand. I hope he doesn't get any career ideas from this street performer ;)

Anyhow, the joy of a festival is that you don't need to get dressed up. Anything goes. Even board shorts with no top. I tell you, that 3 year old of mine marches to his own beat. You have to love that sort of individualism. As for my hubby, he wore his work clothes, while I quickly threw some clothes over my bathers. We'd been working, I'd taken the lads to the beach... it was that sort of day.

We loved seeing so many new things, and people watching. Oh, how I love watching passers-by. Hours could pass, it's so much fun!

What sort of event has you throwing something on without a care in the world? Could you watch people for hours too?

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Kymmie wears: BATHERS, Roxy. TOP, Thrifted. SKIRT, Thrifted. BANGLES & EARRINGS, Diva. SUNNIES, Pharmore. Madison wears: TSHIRT, Thrifted. SHORTS, Gumboots. SHOES, Rivers. TRILBY, Myer. Noah wears: BOARD SHORTS, Target. TRILBY, Myer. CROCS, Aldi.

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