Thursday, March 21, 2013


Each evening around the time I go to bed, I check in on my sleeping children. Extra kisses are laid on their smooth baby cheeks, their warm breath on my face, a stroke on their little button noses, and a sigh and declaration about how much I adore them - especially Noah, my youngest. He receives extra attention. My husband usually laughs after I fuss (because it's stated out loud), and then responds by saying that I love him so much more when he's asleep.

That's because when this little fellow is awake, on one fine day he might:

1. Squeeze cough lollies into the phone re-charge console in the car.
2. Break the brand new floor sweeper.
3. Take the wrappers off giant chocolate easter bunnies and eat their ears in the supermarket aisle.
4. Hand-ball the greasy towbar, then wipe dirty hands all over clothes and car seat.
5. Fall over four times in the day, blood everywhere.
6. The highlight of today was breaking the glass cover of an ice cream shop - you know, the bit that you look through to choose your flavour. (No ice creams today, but a whopping big bill for Mum).

There might also be the odd tantrum, assertive demands, rude behaviour, loud yelling, and a comment (or four) by a passer-by about how extremely "active" he is, too.

It's true: I love him just as much when he's awake, but sleep brings such sweet relief.

Do you have a child that's full on in their waking hours?