Tuesday, March 19, 2013


This week we have gotten to know our seaside town a little bit more: The people really are as friendly as our first impressions led us to believe, Madison's new school is as beautiful as it looks, there is always something interesting to see, and walking is our new mode of transport. Why drive to the hardware shop, when I can walk? Why drive to the supermarket when my legs are willing and able? I don't wear a pedometer at the moment, but I bet the steps would be impressive.

We also discovered a 'secret' (I'm sure the regulars know about it) walk through park, a skateboard park (how did we miss that?), while the weather - apart from a day of rain - has well and truly spoiled us.

| There's a little chocolate ice cream on your nose; slow roasted nectarines with yoghurt, cream + brown sugar; enjoying the sights and activities at the Port Fairy Folk + Fringe Festival; my junior photographer is doing me out of a job; a quick swim after school - because we can; Madison's new school; holding hands; fatherly love. |