Friday, March 29, 2013


One of the most rugged and wild sections of Victoria's coastline can be viewed at The Crags, just 12 kilometres west of Port Fairy. We enjoyed a morning there, but it could also be the perfect ending to a tour of the coastal sights of Great Ocean Road. The views are spectacular, but because we didn't know what to expect, the boys brought their sand buckets (and easter gifts from Nanna and Papa) in the hope of some sand activity and eating.

A visit to The Crags gives one a good understanding of why this area is named The Shipwreck Coast, with menacing rock formations jutting from the seabed. Over many thousands of years this coastal reserve was used as a place of gathering, ceremony and feasting for Indigenous people.

The Crags is a wild and scenic section of coast, with panoramic views. You can see Lady Julia Percy Island, the home to more than 4,000 seals, fairy penguins and birds of prey.

We didn't actually get a chance to walk on the sand or wade in the water, but the scenes were amazing, as was the Lindt chocolate easter eggs. Not that I actually ate any. But the kids raved.

It's Easter. Be safe and enjoy being with friends and family. Most of all, remember the reason why the shops are shut this long weekend.