Tuesday, March 08, 2011

10 ways to tell if you've had a great holiday

We're back from our week-long holiday, and still have more annual leave up our sleeve in the next two weeks. But here's a few reminders that, although we've had a great time, it's fabulous to be home...
  1. The little lads cheered with delight when we drove into our street, and the smiles were as wide as could be.
  2. We all familiarised ourselves with the outside of our home and raced inside as soon as the door was unlocked.
  3. The house seemed more spacious and lovely than when we left.
  4. The boys busied themselves with 'rediscovering' all the toys they hadn't played with in over a week.
  5. We were thankful for our fabulous neighbours who had collected all our mail...
  6. ... and for our milkman delivery still at the front door.
  7. Unpacking was done at lightning speed.
  8. There was a happy and relaxed vibe in the household.
  9. We were buzzing with energy and already discussing the things we would do over the next few days.
  10. We're already making plans for our next fabulous holiday.
How about you? When you've had a good break, are you happy to be home again?